5 Reasons to


your sock game

Johnathon Leon

August 2, 2021

9:12 PM

Many of us don’t think twice about what we slip ourfeetinto. Those two parts of our body that carry us from one place to the next. Help us keep moving.Model those sweet kicks from your favorite shoe store. Have you ever thought that premium sockscould mean the difference between life and death?

Okay, maybe not life and death, but poor socks will make or break your day. Premium socks are aninvestment worth taking. You will certainly notice the difference when you begin taking care ofyour feet. Here are 5 reasons to invest in high quality socks.

5 reasons to


your sock game

1. The comfort and support difference is noticeable

The bottom of your feet have some of the most concentrated areas of pressure points in yourbody. This is why you can tell a noticeable difference when you’ve worn improper footwear orpoor socks that create a blister on your foot. Get socks with extra arch support and plushsoftcotton to contour to your foot to give you the support you deserve.

In this everchanging world full of “new normals” and heightened germ awareness, we havegained anew appreciation for hygiene. There are socks designed with antimicrobial andmoisture-wickingproperties to keep your feet not only comfortable but hygienic as well.

2. Great socks put your outfit together

A good, fashionable pair of socks is like the cherry on top of an outfit. Quality socks willpull your outfit together. Classic solid and stripe colors can add some elegance to yourbusiness casual. If you want to switch it up, you can try some funky styles and colorsdesignedby innovative independent artists.

3. Versatile for everyone

Going to the office can be stressful enough before you add being uncomfortable on top ofthat.Premium socks can take your feet from 9-5 with style.

The same socks you rocked at your job will pull that terrific top and bomb jeans togetherwithout you having to worry about searching high and low for another pair of socks.

Specially designed socks for those interested in training and running. A high quality versusalow quality sock can make or break your workout. It could mean the difference between beingready for the next workout or being out of commission.

4. Quality that lasts for a price you canafford

You will notice a visible difference when you try out plush combed cotton yarns, archsupport,and ankle compression. Sure you can buy a pair of $1 socks and then you can get a $1 feelandexperience. Note those socks will be the first to wear out and you will not be investing incomfort for the part of your body that carries you everywhere.

Whats a better investment into the future than premium socks? Many of us find ourselvesthinkingabout not only a sustainable future for us, but for our future generations as well. When youtake the time to invest into quality you prevent waste. Therefore contributing to less wasteinour landfills.

5. Improve foot health

Feet are crucial to physical health, and they require special attention for health problemslikediabetes. Wearing the wrong sock with the right shoe can trap your foot in a dangerous, wetenvironment, leading to conditions like athlete’s foot.

A quality sock is designed to wick moisture from the inside of the shoe away from the foot,venting out the top of the shoe. Your feet will feel fresher and cooler thanks to theevaporation process.

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